Terms & Conditions

Terms & Conditions

All rights, obligations, specials, orders and agreements that fall under these General Terms and Conditions, are applicable under Dutch Law and Jurisdiction. In the case of translation or explanation of the contents of HAMMAM34’s website, and these General Terms and Conditions will remain determinate.

1. General
These conditions apply to all sales and agreements between HAMMAM34 and the consumer, whereby HAMMAM34 will apply these conditions unless agreed otherwise in writing. If articles are ordered from HAMMAM34, the purchaser automatically accepts the stipulations set out in these General Terms and Conditions.

2. Orders
Once an order has been placed, the consumer will directly receive an email to confirm the details of the order and the total costs associated with the order. All orders will be sent within five working days after receipt of payment by the consumer. In the case of technical malfunction, however, which falls under the category of circumstances beyond HAMMAM34’s control, an order will be shipped as soon as possible. HAMMAM34 will keep the consumer duly informed of the status of the order.
We strive to keep our website (www.hammam34.com) as current as possible. However, the possibility remains that a certain product is no longer available, in which case we will contact the consumer as soon as possible.
A product must be delivered to the consumer within 30 days of the order placement and payment.  This is not possible, however, if the parties involved have previously agreed to a different delivery term.

3. Prices and payment
All prices indicated on HAMMAM34’s website are in euro’s and include value added tax. Consumers are able to make payments electronically to HAMMAM34 in different ways. Shipment of the order will take place once HAMMAM34 has received payment for the order. HAMMAM34 will add the shipping costs to the invoice of the order. More information concerning the shipping costs can be found under the title ‘Shipping’.

4. Delivery
The delivery time is indicative and is therefore not guaranteed. However, the final delivery time will not exceed more than one week of the indicated delivery time, excepting cases of 'force majeure'. The order will be processed and shipped within five working days of receiving payment. HAMMAM34 cannot be held responsible if the post is unable to deliver the order to the consumer on time.

5. Transfer of ownership
Ownership of merchandise will not be transferred until the associated obligations of purchaser have been fulfilled. At the point of transfer of ownership, which is at the point of delivery of the articles, product liability is transferred to the purchaser.

  1. 6. Money back Guarantee
    If the consumer, for whatever reason, does not wish to retain the article, the consumer has the right to return the article to HAMMAM34 within 30 days after taking delivery of the article. The consumer must must follow all further return conditions and instructions stipulated by HAMMAM34. This guarantee does not comply if the article has been worn or washed, or if the consumer has attempted to mend or alter the article in any way. Return articles will only be accepted if the original labels are still attached to the merchandise. If the return instructions have been followed accurately, HAMMAM34 will reimburse the consumer within 14 days after your returned item(s) has been received. More information concerning the shipping costs can be found under the title: ‘Return and Exchange’.

    7. Queries/ Complaints
    In the case of queries or complaints concerning any of our products or procedures, please inform us by email (info@hammam34.com). You will receive a reply within three working days.

  2. Privacy
    HAMMAM34 finds it very important to ensure that all the consumer’s personal information is treated with the utmost care and security. HAMMAM34 will not give the consumer’s personal information to third parties, except when the information is required for the delivery of the order.
    When making an order, HAMMAM34 requires the consumer’s name, invoice and delivery addresses, and payment details so that an order can be processed. The payment details will only be used to conclude the payment process.
    If the consumer subscribes to our newsletter, their personal details will be used to keep them informed of changes to our assortment, special offers, website improvements and other relevant information pertaining to HAMMAM34.
    Records of website visits are kept for statistical purposes. Information concerning the number of visitors and visitor frequency to our website will be used for internal research and website improvement. However, this general information is anonymous and cannot be traced back to the individual visitor.

    9. Liability

All articles in the assortment of HAMMAM34 have been produced with the greatest care. HAMMAM34 cannot assume any liability for damages in any form whatsoever, either physical, material or immaterial, that can be caused by malfunctioning or ill use of the articles sold by HAMMAM34 and/ or materials or accessories becoming undone.
The content of the website has been compiled with the greatest care. HAMMAM34 cannot be held responsible for any typing or misprinting errors that could communicate an incorrect selling price. In that case HAMMAM34 will adjust the price as soon as possible. The actual colour of the products can differ from the colours shown on the computer screens. HAMMAM34 cannot be held responsible for variations in colours as a consequence of the quality of the computer screens. The position and size of the actual applications and/ or sequins on the clothes can differ slightly from the display on the website. HAMMAM34 cannot be held responsible for this.
Certain links on the website can give access to websites and information that is being exploited and maintained by third parties. HAMMAM34 does not control these sites and it not responsible for the content of these sites.


  1. Force Majeure
    Despite any other established legal rights, HAMMAM34 is entitled, at its own choice, in case of Force Majeur, to cancel your order, or cancel the purchase agreement without legal intervention, by informing the client in writing. Client is not entitled to any damages, unless given the circumstances this would be unacceptable according to measures of reason and fairness.

    11. Copyright
    All information on HAMMAM34’s websites is protected by copyright. It is illegal to copy, use or distribute any information from HAMMAM34’s website without first acquiring written permission. Visitors and users of HAMMAM34’s website may not claim any rights pertaining to the information on the website. None of the text or graphics from HAMMAM34’s websites may be partially or wholly copied or publicly used for printing, photocopying, faxing, overtyping, in an electronic database, or for any other reproduction purposes.