Our signature products:  Perfect for lounging at home, chilling at the beach or after a relaxing bath as a bathrobe, HAMMAM34's 100% finest cotton kimonos  ( or beach / hammam bathrobes) will be your best friend this summer.

These kimonos are very light weight and they flow so comfortably over your body, like a very light kaftan. Cotton breathes the air easily. They keep you cool under the hot sun! Moreover, they absorb water ( OK, think of 'sweat' or 'pool/ sea water' )  like an elephant, much more and much quicker than a thick terry bathrobe does! So throw it over after a sip in the pool, they will absorb the water in secs, and while you are walking from your chaise-longue to the bar, they are already dry! Wear them all day long as a beach kaftan outside or as a lightweight bathrobe in your room and enjooooy the comfort and elegance!

Moreover wear it as a jacket over your favourite pair of jeans too!

Extreme softness of the pure cotton combines with the exclusivity of embroidery.

Hand loomed with old techniques by 100% finest cotton in a village in Turkey, gently embroidered with the most exquisite and unique designs, our kimonos will take you thru the design conscious moments...