Welcome to the Mediterranean Way of Living

Welcome to the Mediterranean Way of Living

10 years ago we started this journey with the dream of a new but simple lifestyle. An independent label designed out of high quality natural materials that does not harm the environment. Promoting ‘less is more’ mentality inspired by nature. With the aim to create seasonless and sizeless home essentials that are going to last for years. 

Linked to our mediterranean roots, we do care for crafts: A part of our hammam towel collection is hand loomed and they come from Anatolian heritage. We support artists around the world through collaborations and limited editions.

Today, it is great to see the world changing in the right direction. Maybe not due to the right causes, but well in the right direction. More people started to think about where a material comes from and what its real impact is. 

As a small brand, we are extremely proud to source 100% GOTS certified organic cotton for our bestselling collections this season. In addition, we are excited to introduce the mini-me’s of our much loved kimonos. Our new brand identity reflects strongly who we are and how we care. 

Hammam: A place to feel serene, cleansed (mentally and physically). 

Thank you for being part of this journey,


Burcu Yurtoglu Dalar