Top 5 Greek Islands You Need to Visit Before The Late Summer Ends

Top 5 Greek Islands You Need to Visit Before The Late Summer Ends

Still longing for some sunlight? Technically summer stretches into September so it is not too late to plan an end-of-summer vacation. What is the best part about it? Well, no peak prices and less touristy crowds taking selfies. So, just pack your stuff and pick your island.

1) Santorini


                            Hammam34 Santorini Girl with the Lilac kimono


    When it comes to places to visit in Santorini, you can find a wide variety of options on this island, which has a history of 3600 years. What are the places to visit and see in Santorini, the most famous of the Greek islands? What to do in Santorini? Well, next to taking lots of selfies with your Hammam34 kimono in Santorini beaches, you might also check Caldera view, Fira museums, scuba diving and wine cellars.


    2) Symi

      Symi Island, the smallest of the 12 islands of Greece, is located between the Aegean and the Mediterranean and is best known for its colorful houses lined up by the coast. The pastel-colored houses in the neoclassical style are seen as the symbol of Symi Island, and the first thing it evokes is peace.


      3) Crete

        Ask one of the locals you come across while browsing. He will say that Crete is Greece's undisputed number one dining destination. The harmony of the mountains with the sea, getting more sunlight than anywhere else in Greece, allows you to enjoy everything more. But perhaps the most important factor is the love (known as curiosity) and imagination that go into so many Cretan dishes. After all, food, among all the other traditions of Crete, is a way of life on Greece's largest island.


        4) Milos

          With its extraordinary beauty, more than seventy beaches, stunning coastlines, cute little boathouses, and delicious food, Milos has become a rising star for many travel enthusiasts. Whether exploring by car, on foot, by boat, or by canoe, prepare for an unforgettable journey where you will return with colorful and beautiful memories.


          5) Rhodes

            Shown as the largest and most famous of the 12 islands of Greece, Rhodes is also the island group's historical capital. Known as the "Island of the Knights," Rhodes is located south of Athens and north of Crete. Rhodes is known worldwide with the Statue of Rhodes, one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. The settlement with a population of 115 thousand is shown as one of the most touristic places in Europe today.