The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Kimono

The Perfect Mother’s Day Gift: The Kimono

Mother’s Day is any second now! Therefore we decided to dedicate this post to our biggest inspiration: mothers. There are many popular gifts that you can give to your mothers (or to yourself!), such as flowers, candles, and framed photos. However, we want to talk about our favorite - and not so traditional - gift idea: the kimono. Especially on the warmer days, kimonos provide options from any look, casual to dressy, while having the utmost comfort. We want to touch upon the endless possibilities of what a kimono can be. 


Effortlessly Chic

Whether it’s a poolside party, the zoo with the kids, or a coffee date with friends, a kimono can take any t-shirt and jeans outfit to the next level. Kimonos will keep you cozy when the sun sets or in chilly air-conditioned venues. Bonus points if you have a matching Mommy & Me set with your kiddo. 


Kimonos Are Versatile

Kimonos are the perfect addition to expecting mothers since they come in one size but fit all! All moms and mom-to-bes’ deserve a little pampering so one of our embroideries such as The Pheasant, The Flower, or The Flying Cranes can take their look up a notch. Since they are soft, lightweight, and versatile, kimonos are the perfect gift.


They Add Richness

If you find your closet is looking a little on the neutral side, pop in one Hammam34 kimono with our signature colors such as Rust, Cloud, Dusty Pink, or Lilac. A color can signify many emotions and alter your mood (we will talk about this in our upcoming posts!). Besides their color, you can wear your kimono with many different looks and styles that even one can give you a handful of new outfits.