Summer Essential: The Hammam Towel

Summer Essential: The Hammam Towel

Summer is officially here, and we can't wait to take a dip in the pool, have unlimited picnic parties, and relax by the beach! And what better to compliment all these fun summer activities with a multi-functional hammam towel that is also eye-catching! We can't stress the importance of having a quality towel that is also picture-perfect. Therefore, we listed our top five reasons why the Hammam34 hammam towel is a summer essential. 


1. Dries in an Instant

Originally derived from the authentic Turkish bath rituals, Hammam34 hammam towels have premium cotton with extra-long fibers. These fibers allow the towel to absorb more water and dry quicker than a regular towel. 



2. Reviving Traditions

Our hand-loomed hammam towel collection is made by Turkish artisans using centuries-old techniques. This unique fabric has been in Ottoman bath tradition for decades and is known for its white and colored stripes. We take inspiration from the traditional lines but add our twist to each collection.


3. Light as a Feather

The hammam towels' special fabric allows the towel to be lightweight and outstandingly soft. This makes it easier to pack your favorite hammam towel since they take very little space in your bag with their light and slim structure. 


4. Picture-Perfect

Hammam34 hammam towels offer you its iconic The Flower and The Pheasant embroidery to match it with your kimono and kaftan. For example, one of our favorite kimonos, The Flower Kimono in Dusty Pink, goes hand in hand with our Hammam Towel The Flower in Dusty Pink. You can also purchase them together as a Hammam Set in various colors and design options!



5. Versatile

In addition to using it as a towel, you can use your hammam towel as an accessory! Since it's lightweight, you can use your towel as a fun sarong or shawl. Another option is to use it as a functional and decorative blanket.