Top 5 Mother’s Day Activities To Do With Your Mini-Me

Top 5 Mother’s Day Activities To Do With Your Mini-Me

Mother’s day is just around the corner, and we want to celebrate all mothers for being our greatest inspiration! Hammam34 started ten years ago, and initially, we focused on adults with our kimonos and kaftans. However, to celebrate our beautiful years together, we decided that mothers were our biggest supporters, and we needed to create a collection! Therefore our matching Kids Essentials collection came into being. We downsized your favorite kimonos and created mini versions of them so you can have a twinning moment with your mini-me. We want to list down our top five favorite Mother’s Day activities so you and your favorite person and enjoy the day to the fullest. 

1. Garden together. Perhaps today is a good day to start growing a mini food garden with cherry tomatoes, strawberries, or peppers! Or work on a smaller project, such as a windowsill flower pot or a bowl of interesting succulents.

2. Make matching t-shirts together using tie-dye

3. Pick and arrange a unique bouquet of flowers (perhaps begin with an invitation to create with flowers).

4. Decorate a frame and use it to frame a child’s photo or a photo of mother and child together.

5. Cook a favorite family recipe together (Or try something new! May I suggest the best peach upside-down cake recipe ever?).