Top 5 Mediterranean Travel Destinations 2022: The Hot List

Top 5 Mediterranean Travel Destinations 2022: The Hot List

1. Crete, Greece

Being the biggest and one of the most beautiful Greek Islands, Crete promises a real Mediterranean vibe with sandy beaches, beautiful hikes, and world-renown archaeological sites such as Aptera and Malia. As Crete's most celebrated author, Nikos Kazantzakis (of Zorba the Greek fame), once wrote: "The mystery of Crete runs deep. Whoever sets foot on this island senses a mysterious force coursing warmly and beneficently through their veins, sensing their soul beginning to grow." Also known for its super-healthy food (considered the home of the Mediterranean diet), Crete is blessed with an authentic slow way of life for those who come to laze on its silk sand beaches. 

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2. Istanbul, Turkey

One of the most important cities in the world for about 16 centuries, Istanbul was ruled under the domination of many different civilizations. Istanbul is a living museum with dozens of historical artifacts in the city, which bear the traces of all the cultures it has hosted on its lands. The places to visit in Istanbul, where you can encounter a different beauty in each district, do not end with counting. Many natural and historical destinations, especially palaces, mosques, museums, parks, and gardens, are the must-see places.

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3. Ibiza, Spain

Ibiza is a hot spot for tourism destinations in the west of the Mediterranean, both in the region and globally. Ibiza, an island connected to Spain, is the most preferred holiday destination, especially for European youth today. Ibiza remained under the rule of Umayyads for hundreds of years and was known as Yebisah at that time. Ibiza, which was included in the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1999, aims to host European youth with its crazy parties again in the summer of 2021. However, it has remained silent during the pandemic process.

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4. Porquerolles, France

Porquerolles, an island located in the heart of the Côte d'Azur, is a unique tourist destination for its relaxed atmosphere, beaches, the azure color of seawater, winemaking tradition, and protected natural areas. Some of the outdoor activities in Porquerolles include hiking, biking, boat trips, diving, catamarans around the island, and visiting the island's beautiful beaches. There are three main beaches on the north coast of Porquerolles. Playa d'Argent is surrounded by trees and nature. For him, playa de la Courtade is very close to the city and the island's port of the same name. Notre Dame beach is a little further afield, in a natural setting, and suitable for relaxation.


5. Lisbon, Portugal

With its history stretching from the Roman Empire to the Arab Moors, Lisbon has stunning beaches, water sports, cultural landmarks and overall has a richness beyond all expectations. Especially, its historical buildings, palaces and churches, enjoying time on its sunny beaches, and getting lost in its streets will make you want to visit this small city over and over. We promise that Lisbon will fascinate you with its historical sites and highly photogenic appearance.

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