Interior Design Trends of 2022

Interior Design Trends of 2022

The last three years have been difficult for us due to the pandemic. We feel the need to focus on our physical and mental well-being, and we spend a lot more time in our homes. For centuries, interior design has been a great source of inspiration for finding our inner peace. Take the Chinese Feng Shui, the art of harmonizing individuals with their surrounding environment through energy. Or the Japanese design aesthetic Wabi Sabi, where you find beauty in imperfection. Or ancient Rome's use of earth-tone colors and geometric forms to mimic the harmony of nature.


Nature-inspired surfaces and shapes: 

All kinds of organic shapes and curved forms create a big warm hug. From boxy sofas to mushroom silhouettes, we see a proliferation of natural forms mixed with natural raw materials, including plants and indoor trees. We love this beautiful bookshelf from De Bijenkorf

Browns and earthy shades: 

The minimalist home is finally warming up Camels, caramels, and chocolate browns. Tales from the Souks is a beautigul collection by WanderWood that offers a selection of handmade cushions and rugs with earthy/neutral shades. 


Multi-functional spaces: 

A living room doubles as an office or kids' playroom and/or a reading nook that doubles as a meditation space. Dividers segment different parts of the house into new separate spaces. The more time we spend together in our homes, the more complex the house needs to work for us. A great example is from the beautiful photo shooting location in Amsterdam: The Atelier OOST. We had our latest campaign shooting in this stunning location!


Sustainable living: 

Sustainable in terms of natural and recyclable materials and the choice of sustainable brands. DIY, up-cycling, and vintage/second-hand shopping are all on the rise to create a beautiful yet responsible home… We also see an increasing interest in the smaller brands that produce in small batches rather than mass production. All kimonos and kaftans of Hammam34 are 100% GOTS certified organic. Flying Cranes kimono from our Iki Island Collection - you can find it here.


Travel-inspired objects:

Inspired by faraway lands, we bring home the flavor of the unknown through authentic objects. For example this Essaouira lamp from Marokko collection , you can find it online at The Earth Friendly Boutique -WanderWood-

Photo credit: Wanderwood - The Earth Friendly Boutique


Up and coming art pieces: 

The selection of personal art picks adds personality and flavor to any space. Up and coming artists offer exciting perspectives on art. Check out Mina Caglar's highly detailed illustrations!