How to Have a Relaxing SPA Day At Home

How to Have a Relaxing SPA Day At Home

SPA stands for “Sanus Per Aquam,” which means health through the water in Latin and includes some activities based on the physical and psychological purification thanks to the power of water. Find out how to have a SPA day at home with these easy (but not limited to) steps. 


1) Get in the SPA Mood

SPA is a treatment that should not blend into your daily life. Get into the mood by preparing yourself mentally. You can wear a comfortable Hammam34 kimono during the preparation process, turn on your favorite music, and change the ambiance by lighting incense. 


2) Steam Bath

Add a few drops of your favorite essential oil into a bowl of boiling water. Bring your face close to the steam and cover your head with a towel for 10 minutes. 


3) Scrub Your Body

Try dry brushing to remove toxins and dead cells from your body. Be sure to gently brush your entire body from the feet to the heart.


4) Use a Hair Mask

Remember, your hair gets affected by stress. You can restore your hair to its former health by applying a mask. Whether you use a store-bought or a DIY mask, make sure it suits your hair type.


5) Take a Bath

Add lavender oil or maybe a few drops of coconut milk to your bathwater. After you are fresh and rested, wear your favorite Hammam34 Kimono and/or a Hammam Towel to end your bath session. Our 100% cotton products will be the best choice for a perfect SPA experience.


6) Apply a Face Mask

After you wear your Hammam34 Kimono, apply a face mask that fits your skin type. Rinse your face thoroughly after the time required for the mask to work.


7) Foot Massage

The feet that carry your whole body throughout the day are one of the most tired parts of your body. Therefore, your feet deserve special attention. Gently massage your toes, heels, and soles.