Fun Mommy & Me Activity: Ebru

Fun Mommy & Me Activity: Ebru

When I do ebru with children, seeing their astonished looks and excitement at all colors and emerging patterns takes me back to my childhood. While doing ebru, you also learn how to deal with the impatience of the little ones. It creates a bonding opportunity between the parent and child. It's a great game to get away from stress and anxiety together. Ebru is also an opportunity to increase self-confidence in children by allowing them to produce unique artworks. 


What is Ebru?

The art of ebru (or water marbling) is a kind of paper art made using water and paint, which has survived to the present day in the Ottoman period. In the art of marbling, the individual's imagination comes to the fore. The art of marbling is an art that was practiced in ancient times to decorate the covers of various books, and many people made their living from this art. 


Easy DIY Ebru with Milk


  • 1/2 cup of milk
  • 1/2 cup of water
  • Food coloring
  • Paper


  • Mix the milk with water and fill it into a bottle.
  • Give the bottle to the little one and tell him to fill it in a deep but small tray.
  • Then start painting the milk with the brush. You will be surprised by the color change of the milk. The more you draw with the paint, the more beautiful your marbling will be.
  • Once the ebru is done, place the paper on the water and milk mixture.
  • Grab the paper by the end, gently pull it out and let it dry.