5 Reasons Why Kimonos are a Must Have

5 Reasons Why Kimonos are a Must Have

Summer is almost around the corner and we’ve already started planning our fabulous destinations and activities! Whether it’s here in the Netherlands or somewhere on the Mediterranean coast, we can’t wait to be sunbathing at the beach or having a glass of refreshing lemonade by the pool. And of course, it wouldn’t be a complete summer without an eye catching kimono to bring along wherever you go. We’ve listed our top reasons why the Hammam34 kimono is a must have accessory.


1. Lightweight & Breathable

Hammam34 kimonos are made of pure cotton which makes them lightweight and breathable. Perfect for layering over clothes and for warmer months.


2. A Variety of Unique Designs

A pheasant, flower bouquet, iris flowers, flying cranes… We design our kimonos in our Amsterdam atelier or collaborate with artists worldwide.  


 3. Great for Near the Beach

Our kimonos have a natural ability to permit airflow, keeping you cool in hot weather. The long cotton fibers allow for more water absorption compared to a thick towel.


4. Short or Long

Hammam34 kimonos come in two sizes: short or long. The long kimonos are called kaftans which originate from the Middle Eastern cultures.


 5. A Statement Piece

Designed for longevity and with a passion for creating timeless pieces, Hammam34 kimonos are a statement piece. With a wide range of colors and designs, pair them with bikinis, loungewear, or a simple jean and shirt combo.