Single Ray Bracelet // Indigo

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HAMMAM34 by NOTT is a celebration of fine craftsmanship, natural materials and an eclectic style, presenting a laid-back luxurious atmosphere... For all the urban daydreamers!

This Hand Made Silk Bracelet is gonna be your easy-to-wear jewellery for the coming summer! Wear them stacked with a white bikini on the beach or with a crisp white shirt for the rooftop party by night! It adds a bohemian accent to your style! Very light and easy to wear, you can carry it along your travels to anywhere you like. It comes with a little indigo painted bag!
Match this bracelet  with our matching hammam towels  for the perfect beach look!

The Single Ray Bracelet comes in 6 colours: Indigo, Forest Green, Baby Blue, Jasmine, Tile, Rose.


Designed & Made In ISTANBUL

The size is 21 cm.