Flying Cranes Kimono in Navy

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IKI ISLAND Collection

HAMMAM34 brings you a minimal yet sensual feel with this new collection. We mixed Eastern with Western styles and brought the Japanese design aesthetic IKI - an expression of simplicity and sophistication. The exquisite embroideries depict the iris flower and the flying cranes - both symbols of good fortune. 

Our signature kimonos are made of 100% cotton, making them incredibly lightweight and comfortably surround your body. Cotton breathes and allows the air to circulate, so it will keep you cool under the hot sun. Moreover, they absorb water much better and quicker than a thick bathrobe. Our kimonos are highly versatile: you may choose to wear them as a comfy house robe and as a daily coat to make a bold fashion statement. Gently embroidered with unique designs, our kimonos will make you feel comfortable and look stylish all at the same time. HAMMAM34's versatile cotton kimonos will be your best friend all year long!

Product specifications:

  • Super soft touch (100% cotton)
  • Lightweight and quick dry
  • The embroidery at the back features flying cranes, a symbol of good fortune
  • Size L, one size fits all
  •  It comes with the matching belt
  • No need for dry cleaning, just machine wash cold

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