Hammam Towels

We offer you the most beautiful and exclusive collection of hand loomed hammam towels from Turkey! Hand looming makes those towels very soft and silky. We use only 100% natural materials like finest cotton & bamboo. All of our hammam towels are either Large or Extra Large size, either way they are large enough to comfortably sit over on the beach / picnic but also they wrap up to nothing, which makes them very easy to carry

When it comes to water absorbency, these thin Turkish towels are the best! Originally deriving from the authentic Turkish hammam / bath experience centuries ago, these towels absorb much more water than a thick towel does and they dry  much quicker! Just a few minutes under the sun and they are all warm and dry again. You don't have to sit on a wet towel all day long...

Are you looking for a unique gift? Don't look further! Unlike other brands, HAMMAM34 hammam towels come in a very nice packaging. Each product is wrapped in eco-friendly, recyclable paper. We deliver your package in 1 day with a track & trace code so you can track your package!

With us, not only you get the highest quality but also the most exclusive designs! Inspired by a new theme and concept each season, our Design Atelier in Amsterdam collaborates with talented textile artists, illustrators, designers and we design and produce our 'own' collections.  With the help of our weavers and embroidery experts, we bring to life the oldest techniques of craftsmanship in a new look. That's why we became the bloggers' favourite brand!

With us, you won't find the ordinary products with boring stripes that everybody has... With us, you will complete your insta-worthy look for the coming summer! In short, with us you will find originality, quality, exclusivity and craftsmanship.

We invite you to test our quality Now with FREE SHIPPING and Money Back Guarantee!

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