Tokyo Dreamin' Hammam Towel // Indigo

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This Tokyo Dreamin' Hammam Towel is the new IT item of this season!

Extremely soft, thick and silky, hand loomed by 100% highest quality cotton and inspired by the traditional Japanese Tile designs, this collection has everything to make you dream about your next trip to Tokyo!

The characteristic structure in the weaving makes a gentle massage to the skin. 

it's seasonless and multifunctional (it can be used as a bedspread, a blanket or even as a nice picnic rug). Hammam towels absorb as much water as a thick bath towel does. These authentic towels dry very quickly and wrap up nothing making them very easy to carry.

The trendy indigo colour has everything you need to stand out from the crowd when you travel & when you are at home!

Tokyo Dreamin' comes in 6 hot colours: Indigo, Black, Beige, Deep Green, Burgundy and Peach.  

The size is 170 x 90 cm. 


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